DIY – Vintage Luggage Inspiration

We are getting asked for more vintage design all the time.  I personally love old luggage and the statement they make.

Love this post from The Style Blog…  We are getting ready for one exciting trip! A trip down luggage lane…. whether you are using it to carry belongings, store memories, or use as a display, luggage is one of the most versatile pieces.  You can find them in many different eras, colors, shapes and sizes.  Now a days, luggage is even being used at parties!

Create a unique sign in table or direct your guests to their seats with unique luggage ideas.  We have provided luggage tags as guest favours to complement this fun theme, a world map with tables named after destinations our clients have travelled to, miniature country flags with client’s initials for martini’s, invitations that are created after a boarding pass, table numbers that were pictures of our clients at their favourite locations around the world.  Lots of inspirational ideas to create an amazing travel theme!

desk DIY   Vintage Luggage Inspiration
arizona10 DIY   Vintage Luggage Inspiration
photo+setup DIY   Vintage Luggage Inspiration
louis+nightstand DIY   Vintage Luggage Inspiration
suitcases+green DIY   Vintage Luggage Inspiration
suitcases DIY   Vintage Luggage Inspiration
hot+pink+suitcases DIY   Vintage Luggage Inspiration
Keep in mind when buying vintage luggage to ALWAYS open it up and look inside. Mold, Smells, and Stains like to linger inside…There are several ways of getting rid of smells and some times mold but you must have the time to clean and a good sun exposed back yard, deck or patio. Sometimes old luggage need keys to open so make sure you can open the suitcase before buying it.  If all else fails you can always rent vintage luggage.
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