Muskoka Weddings

Muskoka is not only a world renowned vacation destination; it’s the passion of the design team.

With over ten years of experience in this region has inscribed events with their signature designs. We have built our reputation by nurturing personal relationships with exceptional venues and world renowned chefs. Known as “designer to Muskoka” our intimate knowledge of the area’s most amazing locations and services ensures an unforgettable Muskoka experience.

A Muskoka wedding is one that is never forgotten! You immediately feel the magic of the region; pink granite cliffs, towering pines and sparkling lakes. With its diversified culture, exceptional resorts and genuine friendly service, Muskoka is the perfect juxposition of urban and nature! Many clients have generations of family history in Muskoka or have been captivated by its unparalleled beauty.

Our passion for exceptional event planning and design in Muskoka has led us through wonderful relationships with clients all over the world. We have situated our studio between Muskoka and Toronto for easy client access. 

Inspired by its natural beauty the possibilities to create a unique Muskoka wedding are endless.

Let our experienced design team WOW your Muskoka event!